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6 Months of (NOT YET RELEASED) UPGRADED Mastermind.com Software! 

With this special BYB offer you'll get the highest level "upgraded" access to the Mastermind software and prepare yourself for next level growth in hyper-speed. Get never-before- offered access to the software and marketplace that reduces complexity and makes it easier than ever to SELL your knowledge and expertise to the world!  
5 Masterminds  >  Unlimited Masterminds
Live session recordings
720 Minutes  >  2500 Minutes
Attendees per live session
15 Attendees  >  25 Attendees

Value $1,782

Weekly “Launch Your Course” Quickstart

As part of the Elite Mastermind.com package: You'll get to work with one of our specialists to help get your entire course or mastermind set up, and ready to SELL in just 1 “Quickstart” session! We don't want you to be left behind, so we will work with you to make sure your mastermind, digital content or training is launched to the world!

All YOU need to do is follow along, and plug in your own specialized course content! After that first "Quick Start" session you'll get 4 more live trainings to anchor in what you have learned and be exposed to "next level" secrets to thrive in the knowledge industry

Value $1,782

Challenge Exclusive Bonus!

The World Summit BYB Exclusive Ticket

Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi (along with Russell Brunson and special guests) present the 1st ever World Summit Live Virtual 360 Interactive Experience to crush the barrier to entry and give you the path to confidently enter and thrive in the booming knowledge industry. 
UPGRADED to BYB Exclusive Seating!

Value $695

Challenge Exclusive Bonus!

*Tony Robbins Bonus

Ultimate Edge

Get instant access to the #1 self-improvement course in the world. When it's time to pivot, to create an unstoppable mindset and not allow old beliefs to hold you back, nothing could serve your goals better than Tony Robbins and his legendary Ultimate Edge Course.

Value $249

*Dean Graziosi Bonus

Dean's Inner Circle

You'll be a member of the club. Each month Dean goes live for his inner circle group and teaches his biggest breakthroughs, secrets and discoveries in Mindset, Marketing and Momentum. The three things needed to reach your next level of success. Time to have a coach like Dean pulling you towards your full potential. Next level thinking leads to next level action and next level results. 6 Months Access!

Value $582

*Russell Brunson Bonus

The One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-Day Training course to walk you literally, step-by-step through the funnel building process. Broken into Five Weeks, we will take you by the hand and teach you the principles and strategies to grow your business through sales funnels.


List Building Secrets

Your list is the most VALUABLE asset of your business...because it IS your business! In this comprehensive course, you’ll be guided step by step through the entire list-building process, including:
  • Finding and attracting ideal clients to your offer!
  • Building a pool of hot LEADS to contact and sell to any time you want!
  • Warming up a cold or DEAD list!
  • ​Priming your list for your offers, so you can get PAID!

Value $197


With this 7 day challenge you will get the strategies, tactics and confidence to start over, start fresh and reinvent yourself, while others are scared to make a move. Join Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Boss Babes and more for an epic learning experience
  • We will show you how to shift that life experience into a future proof industry and create NEXT LEVEL success from home. 
  • You’ll finally get the resources you need to start or scale in todays virtual economy.
  • Start Over Challenge Workbook is specially designed to take what you learn and put it into action. 

Value $297


Keep all 5 days PLUS the bonus day of the Build Your Brand challenge! Relive this experience over and over and crush your journey into the knowledge industry!

At this exact moment in history, your knowledge and experiences have never been more valuable - not only in the market but also as a way of positively changing lives and creating next level success for yourself and your family.

Value $297

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